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Piet Olyslager


The Olyslager Organisation was founded in 1948 by Piet Olyslager,

a draughtsman, automotive designer, structural engineer, collector and

above all a familiar and trusted face in the automotive world of that era.

During his career at various car manufacturers such as Bugatti and

Talbot and his extensive travel he discovered that there was an

increasing need for reliable (technical) information with regard to cars.

Immediately after the Second World War Olyslager visited various garages

to provide advice, particularly about vehicles that had been left behind

after the war. Piet Olyslager also wrote procedures and made drawings.

In 1948 he decided to publish this information in a universal format by

make and model, as a result of which the company was born.


The total number of employees at Olyslager Organisation has increased strongly over the years as a result of this and the various activities have continuously expanded. Olyslager acquired recognition among a broad public with the (green) Auto Technisch Handboek (Automotive Engineering Manual) and its derivative Vraagbaak (Handbook), intended for the general public. At the start of the sixties Olyslager was approached by a car manufacturer to establish its Dutch-language documentation system. There was found to be a strong need for translators who knew what they were talking about in substantive terms. The project became a great success and soon after this these translation and documentation activities were also carried out for various other car manufacturers. In 2002 Olyslager Organisation was acquired by EurotaxGlass’s.

The translation and documentation activities were separated out on 31 August 2006 and incorporated in the firm OLYSLAGER translations B.V.

This continues the journey that Piet Olyslager began in 1948 .