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Why Olyslager Translations ?


Within the automotive sector translation work is often outsourced to large, general translation agencies or freelance translators. The translations are then mostly undertaken by various translators, as a result of which the consistency of the translations is often not assured. But even more important: do they really ‘understand’ cars? After all a translator is only capable of making a correct translation if he has a knowledge of automotive engineering, as a result of which he also truly understands the content of what are often complex source texts. The text must as it were be translated twice. First understand what is meant and then translate into another language. This requires specialisation and experience in this technical field and that is exactly what distinguishes Olyslager Translations!


As a result of the fact that we have a relatively large group of in-house automotive engineering translators, we are also able to deliver large volumes in a short space of time. In doing so we make use of the latest developments in the field of translation software, databases and DTP software.


In order to monitor quality we operate on the basis of the “two pairs of eyes principle”, under which the translation is always checked by a second translator. We build a terminology list for every client, so that we can guarantee consistency and the use of correct terminology. The use of a customised translation process with translation software makes it possible to save on costs without making concessions in the area of quality.